Plexus DVT Prevention Device

About Plexus DVT Prevention Device

Midway Medical's Plexus RP100 DVT Prevention Device is a single-patient, portable sequential compression device designed to prevent the onset of deep vein thrombosis by stimulating blood flow and increasing venous flow velocity. Due to its compact size and long battery life, the Plexus RP100 is the perfect solution for post-surgery patients who are recovering at home or in a medical facility.

Each Plexus RP100 device is capable of delivering 50 mmHg of compression to the calf, a level that is clinically proven to improve hemodynamics in deep veins of the lower extremities.

Features & Benefits

Strong Compression
Provides sequential compression
of 50 mmHg
Extended Battery Life
16 hours of compression on a single charge
Easy Application
Wrap the Velcro cuff around the leg with the
right/left line against the back of the calf
Plexus weighs less than one pound and is
easily portable
No External Tubing
Our tubeless system provides freedom of
movement without the risk of tripping
Alert System
Status indicator light visible to user
Patient Compliance Tracker
Track usage up to 300 sessions
utilizing a simple USB port
Easy One-Touch Operation
Plexus is easily turned on and off
with a single touch


Pump dimension13.5 x 7.2 x 3.4cm
Sleeve length61 x 27cm
Battery type3.7V Lithium battery
Operating time16 hours
Pre-set pressure level50 mmHg
Inflation time<20 seconds
Rest period50 seconds

Plexus DVT Sleeves

About Plexus DVT Sleeves

Plexus DVT Sleeves are the first single chamber sleeves that are FDA approved for use with most single chamber DVT compression pumps. Our DVT sleeves are designed to increase blood velocity and aid in the prevention of venous thrombosis embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

FDA Approved for use with these DVT compression pumps:

  • Flowtron®
  • VenaFlow®
  • VasoPress®
  • Venodyne®
  • Cirona®

Features & Benefits

Soft, Breathable Lining
Smooth nylon helps maximize patient comfort
Uniform Intermittent Compression
The single chamber DVT sleeve provides uniform
intermittent circumferential compression
Lightweight and Easy to Use
Quick connect tubing and lightweight material
make our sleeve easy to position and maneuver
Custom Fit
The sleeve is anatomically designed with an
adjustable sleeve closure to offer a customized fit for each patient

Plexus DVT Sleeve Ordering Information

P-110Plexus Standard Calf Sleeve (Up to 20")
P-110 LPPlexus Standard Calf Sleeve (Up to 20")
w/ Low Profile Connector
P-120Plexus Large Calf Sleeve (Up to 25")
P-125Plexus Extra Large Calf Sleeve (Up to 32")
P-130Plexus Standard Calf - Thigh Sleeve (Up to 28")
P-135Plexus Small Calf - Thigh Sleeve (Up to 22")
P-140Plexus Large Calf - Thigh Sleeve (Up to 36")
P-145Plexus Extra Large Calf - Thigh Sleeve (Up to 42")
PF-10Plexus Standard Foot Sleeve (Up to 16")
PF-15Plexus Small Foot Sleeve (Up to 13")